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1 Accounts

I. Multi-Accounting

Every player is allowed to play only a single account per Server.
Consequences: permanent ban

- If 2 or more players are sharing the same IP address(brother and sister, husband and wife) this has to be reported to the Game Operator in charge for their Server. If not accounts will be banned without warning!
- If more than one account is played from the same network the Game Operator has to be informed.

- Players must not attack each other while sharing the same network.(when opposite race)
- Players can not attack the same opponents, it has to pass at least 24h between the last attack of 1 player and first attack of the 2nd player.
1st offense - 2 days
2nd offense - 5 days
3rd offense - 7 days
Every next offense - 14days

II. Account Sharing

Every account is entitled to be played by one player only. The player of the account may only change if either account sitting takes place or if the account is exchanged.
Consequences: permanent ban

III. Account Sitting

Account sitting allows a player to take care of someone's account in accordance with following regulations:

* The GameOperator of the Server has to be informed before the sitting takes place.
* The only actions allowed in the account are Graveyard Work, Manhunts and spending gold.
* The sitting is limited to a time from 2 to 7 continuous days.
* Before the owner of the Account logs in, he or the sitter has to post in the same thread which they made about sitting being finished.
* Sitting of an account by the same person who has already sat an account on that specific server within the past 7 days is not allowed.
* Sitting is allowed once in 30days, after the sitting has been ended, it needs to pass 30 days so that same account can be sat again.

Some actions not allowed by the sitter:

* Attacking of other players with the sat account is not allowed.
* Attacking the sat account with the own account is not allowed.
* Changing the sat account's settings is not allowed.
* Editing clan settings from the sat account is not allowed.
* Battle Reports are not to be deleted during the sitting period.
* Game Operator may enter sat account in order to verify that there were no abuse of sitting privilege.

Abuse of the Accounts Sitting privilege:
Consequences: 7 days ban for both sitter and sat account

IV. Account Exchange

- Account Exchange is allowed to take place only using appropriate board section for it. You can find it here.
-- Additional Information and how to protect your account from being stolen, here

V. Account Names Change
Account names can be changed 2 times during 1 year. There is no limitations in the time that has to pass between account nickname changes. After second name change, you have to wait until next year for the right to change the name again.

V.1 Account Name Change - Exception .
If Account Trade is done, via board, then Account Name can be changed after the trade took place, your server Game Operator will change nickname of your new account to desired one.

Important: After changing the name of the account, a bug can occur! Game Team, nor GameForge does NOT accept any responsibility if anything happens to your account.

2 Bashing

I. Definition
It is not allowed to attack other player more then following:
[Level range - number of attacks in 24h]
1-14level - 3 attacks
15 - 40level - 4 attacks
41- 99lvls - 5 attacks
100+lvls - 6 attacks

Note that 24 hours is meant as 24 hours and not from midnight till next midnight!
Defender's level is taken when Bashing Rule is being applied.
-- Example: Attacker's level = 41, Defender's level = 39 -> Number of allowed attacks = 4 in 24h since the first attack
-- Example#2: Attacker's level = 39, Defender's level = 41 -> Number of allowed attacks = 5 in 24h since the first attack.
Bashing Rule violation consequences:
1st offense - 3 days
2nd offense - 7 days
3rd offense - 14 days
Every next offense - 14days

II. Special Cases

If the attacks influence the game play of a player to a certain extent the attacker(s) can be punished.

This is the case in the following situations:

* If a player is suffering from unprovoked attacks with the purpose of keeping his health points down so he cannot attack others or do manhunt.
* Any other situation in which players gameplay is severely harmed

1st offense - 1-5 day
2nd offense - 1-7 days
3rd offense - 3-14 days
4th offense - 5-35 days
Every next offense - up to 35days

III. Organized Clan Attacks on a player

- Constant attacks from the several members of the same clan on 1 or more players from the same clan in opposite race over 2 or more days, with the goal to make opponents unable to play the game, meaning that their health points are below 25hp, is not allowed and will result in attacking players being warned or even banned.
1st offense : warning to 5 days ban
2nd offense : 5 days ban
3rd offense : 7 days ban
4th offense : 14 days ban
5th offense : 35 days ban

IV. -10levels attacks

- Any attack with bigger level difference then 9 levels is allowed at max 2 times in 24h.
Note that 24 hours is meant as 24 hours and not from midnight till next midnight!
1st offense - 1 day ban
2nd offense - 5 days ban
3rd offense - 7 days ban
4th offense - 14 days ban
every next offense - 14 days ban

NOTICE:Bashing may be suspended due to players involvement in:

* Clan War
* Official Duels reported on the board(Bashing is suspended only on the player with who Duel is agreed)

Any Attempt to abuse these privileges will lead to, as stated in 6 Abuse of the Rules to severe consequences.

V. Clan War

The clan war rules have to be followed.

The other things are not so important...
If you are victim of the attacker who doesn't respect the rules, send me an ingame mail.

And then... there was a silence...
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